C o p y r i g h t   2 0 1 3 : Art by Devon O'Keefe.  A l l   r i g h t s   r e s e r v e d .

ILLUSTRATION     .     TATTOOS     .     FINE ART     .     MURALS     .     LIVE PAINTING

Whether it's a dragon or a giraffe, fashion or abstract,

or a contemplative illustration of God, Devon O'Keefe's wide range of work seems to carry with it an earthy passion and respect for a Creator. There is a mysterious curiosity about his work, one that provokes extended periods of time staring at one piece, attempting to "soak it all in," while the mind wanders through the great halls of imagination. Watercolor and oil are his specialties, and he never stops drawing or creating.

Native to Scranton, Pennsylvania, Mr. O'Keefe is one of five artistic siblings. Since his family naturally raised the creative bar both musically and artistically, he started discovering his own creativity at a very young age.

Giant wall murals and full sketch-books landscaped the country house, which were created from a passion that developed into artistry. That unique artistry led him to study music theory at Summit University in 2007, 

a BFA in illustration in 2012, and a busy professional career in graphic design, illustration, music, and tattooing. 

Now he illustrates books and life, tattoos, paints public city murals and private collection pieces, and creates worlds, logos and digital media - a few of his art-related voyages. His music adventure is endless. 

When his wife isn't out saving lives, she's right alongside him, sustaining his. And they both spend every available moment hanging with their two daughters,

Story Elsa and Ivy Evelette.